Why Study with
The Real Democracy Movement

Because you see how the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the way
neoliberal capitalism puts profit before public health

Because you want racial and social justice in place of state-sponsored attacks
on Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities, refugees and migrants

Because you know how urgent it is to protect the earth’s ecosystems
from further destruction and fight climate change.

Because you believe that the political and electoral system
is broken and is driven by corporate and financial power.

Because you understand that we are heading rapidly towards authoritarian rule.

The consumer-driven, debt-based capitalist economy is sliding into the worst slump ever.

Let’s remake democracy so that economic and political power rests with the people.

A fully comprehensive programme

Our top priority is to give you confidence and courage in your understanding of how the system works and the role of ideas and ideologies. You will learn to identify how we can overcome the major barriers to social progress.

Live Webinars

We use an integrated zoom system to bring you live sessions so you and your peers can learn together in real time

Flexible start dates

Whilst our courses will commence on a given date, you can easily catch up with recorded sessions before you join in live.


Our learners can further benefit from discussion and interaction with their peers and instructors on our built in forum.

Learning archive

All our lectures are available to view after the fact or can be downloaded from our website


The Real Democracy Movement website has a host of articles and publications you can access to further your study

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