Rethinking Our Future
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Course 1

Unmasking the state

This course sets out to challenge common assumptions about the state and to reveal,
or unmask, its purpose, its role in society and how it relates to capitalism.

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  • Session 1: So what is 'the state'?
  • Session 2: Putting the jigsaw together
  • Session 3: Power and the constitution
  • Session 4: What's in a theory?
  • Session 5: When, how and why is
    the state capitalist?

  • Session 6: The neoliberal state
  • Session 7: Hegemony aka ‘authorised thinking’
  • Session 8: The state and democracy
  • Session 9: From liberal to illiberal democracy
  • Session 10: Beyond the system: the case for revolutionary change

Course 2

Let's Compost Capitalism

Surveys confirm young people are hostile to capitalism, preferring socialist alternatives.
But what is the capitalist system? Why is it so destructive, to the extent of threatening life on earth?

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  • Session 1: Capitalism - a system of crisis
  • Session 2: Defying the system
  • Session 3: So what is the system? It's called capitalism
  • Session 4a: Essential features of capitalist production - what makes it work
  • Session 4b: Essential features of capitalist production - a system at war with itself
  • Session 5: Climate chaos: A threat to our existence
  • Session 6: Climate chaos: a way forward
  • Session 7: Neoliberalism - ascent and decline
  • Session 8: Your data, their profit
  • Session 9: A system beyond reform

Course 3

Philosophy for revolution

We explore how philosophical outlooks have evolved, with a view to co-creating a dynamic,
dialectical approach to today’s political and ecological challenges

  • Session 1: Philosophy for Revolution
  • Session 2: A theory of knowledge: How we know what we know
  • Session 3: My thinking toolbox
  • Session 4: Perception and contradiction
  • Session 5: The Ancients lay foundations
  • Session 6: Early Enlighteners
  • Session 7: Scandalous thinkers
  • Session 8: Hegel: The Dialectic makes a comeback
  • Session 9: Postmodernism: a fatal attraction
  • Session 10: Exiting postmodernism
  • Session 11: Marx and Engels: exiting capitalism
  • Session 12: Understanding for revolution

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