Rethinking Our Future

From capitalism to real democracy

Free e-learning course - relaunching autumn 2022

What is it?

A three-part online learning course:
  • Unmasking the state
  • Composting capitalism
  • Philosophy for Revolution

Why now?

The time to break the downward spiral of climate chaos and species extinction, gross racial and social inequality is now.

Why me?

You don’t accept that things must stay as they are. What you and others do collectively is decisive in shaping a different, democratic future to the disastrous one capitalism offers.

What will I learn?

You will gain confidence and courage in your understanding of how the system works and the role of ideas and ideologies. You will learn to identify how we can overcome the major barriers to social progress.

How does it work?

Each part has 20-minute audio-video sessions. There will be issues to think about and resources to download. You can chat with others and send in comments. Live Zoom sessions will bring participants together for collective discussions.

What happens afterwards?

You will get the chance to take part in co-creating a movement that can achieve a democratic revolution.

Who is running this course?

A group of experienced activists and writers who are supporters of the Real Democracy Movement in partnership with a technical support team.    
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